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Exclusion of liability

1. Content of the online offer

The author is not responsible for the quality, the accuracy or the content of the provided information. The author cannot be held liable for material damage that is caused through false or incomplete information. This is accurate as long as the author cannot be held accountable for causing damage through gross negligence and carelessness.
All offers are subject to change without notice and are without obligation. The author is allowed to change, delete, add something, partially or completely restict the publication of the pages or of the whole offer.

2. Cross references and links

An exclusion of liability is than in effect when hyperlinks (direct & indirect) are put in connection with Trucking-Service. The author is only than liable if has knowledge of the content of the hyperlinks and can be held accountable for not preventing the appearance of the illegal content.
Herewith the author states that he had no knowledge of illegal content on the internet sites at the time that the link was posted. The author has no influence on the future or current content, composition or authorship of the linked websites. That is why he clearly distances himself herewith from all content of the linked websites which where changed after beeing linked. This is in effect for all links set within those pages that the author has constructed, such as: guest books, chats, link panels, mailing lists and all other forms of databanks to which external access is available. Only the supplier of the website which was linked is liable for all illegal, wrongful or incomplete content and especially for all damage which is caused through such distributed information.

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